Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mission and Vision


Educational philosophy of H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji whose love, warmth and blessings personified Yogidham Gurukul, a 21st Century educational commune that is guided by the timeless educational philosophy of His Divine Holiness.

He says,

* "Youth are neither careless nor useless. They are actually cared-less & used-less. They need caring and proper guidance."
* "His practical spirituality encompasses all facets of life, giving them new meaning and effective direction. Spirituality that can be applied to practical life is the true and immediate requirement in today's world.
* "True knowledge, freedom and awareness are very significant in human life."

He says, these virtues can be achieved with sincerity, regularity, discipline and duty. Bliss is innate in nature. One has to re-discover it from within. Thus spirituality and education must always go hand-in-hand.

Mission Statement


* A humble effort to redefine love and spirituality in the hearts of youth with
the Master’s Touch.
* Endeavoring to meet the growing and diverse educational needs of the community.
* Providing innovative learning opportunities.
* Inculcating values, culture, morality and spirituality.
* Enabling productive careers for one and all.
* Developing a Centre of excellence.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

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